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May I come in?

... bringing back memories

Asking for permission to get in a room comes natural to us. Our grandmother, Giovanna, taught us to ask for permission, saying that it was a sign of respect. The arrangement of the rooms is typical of the rural houses you can find in the Roero area: on the ground floor there is a room on the left and another one on the right; they are separated by a central staircase made of stone leading to the upper floor, where there are as many rooms equally arranged, a room on the right and another one on the left.
We tried to preserve the architecture of each room as much as possible. The most typical features of the house were preserved as well, but some changes had to be made in order to comply with legal requirements. Each room is equipped with both a private bathroom and independent central heating. The internal and external window frames were replaced in accordance with the local type of construction.

For logistical reasons we gave a name to each room. Fortunately, it was easy: we recalled our childhood and we realized we already had a name to give to each room..


•  PUTAGE' Room: it was the kitchen. Putage’ means stove in the local dialect; the stove was used for cooking all the days of the year.
•  SALAMI Room: salami were put in this room to be allowed to cure. Kids were forbidden to enter this room, because it was important to preserve its "microclimate" (... or, maybe, they just tried to prevent kids from stealing food!)

You can reach the top floor by climbing a steep staircase with stone steps and wood handrails. These railings are the original ones that our grandparents used to grab on to.


•  NONU Room: it was our grandparents’ bedroom where we used to sneak in. They used to keep a tin box containing the “Marca Leone” candies on their bedside table.
• camera BIGAT: era la camera dove veniva sistemato il canniccio per la maturazione dei bachi da seta,i “bigat” in dialetto.
•  BIGAT Room: it was the room where lath was kept for silkworm growing. "Bigat" means silkworms in the local dialect.

Le quattro camere sono arredate con   letti singoli a castello  per un totale di 16 posti a dormire, hanno il bagno privato e riscaldamento autonomo e dispongono di un ampio armadio.
Le aree esterne sono coperte dalla nostra rete WI-FI gratuita
These four bedrooms are furnished with single bunk beds and sleep a total of 16 people. They are equipped with private bathroom, independent heating system, and large wardrobe.
The external areas are covered by our free WI-FI network
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Località Sigola 36 12040 Baldissero d'Alba ( Cn )
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