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• You can come back only if you went away

Our grandfather Biagio, was born in 1891. People in the village used to call him Bageta, and, as a consequence of the patriarchal family concept of that time, his family members used to be called  I BAGETA.
We were born here: this was our grandparents’ house. We spent our childhood on these hills until the period between the 70s and the 80s when we all left this house for various reasons. In spite of everything, however, thanks to the commitment of Ciano and Menico, our uncles, the hills surrounding our home continued to flourish  until our relatives became too old to take care of our land.
• We are Bageta’s grandchildren: the decision to take over the company resulted from the awareness that we have a moral obligation to the generations who preceded us. On this land,
those generations lived through the difficult period of the partisan resistance when they worked in the fields and, at the same time, took part in the political events. After that, they experienced the period in which agriculture flourished. However, agricultural lands were gradually abandoned by workers in search of more profitable jobs in the factories located in Turin and Alba. As a consequence, families migrated into the nearby towns.
• The involvement of our uncles, Domenico (who was born in 1923) and Luciano (who was born in 1938), in the implementation of this project was crucial. They helped us to recover both the property and the land, since they knew everything about this house and the nearby fields, they were aware of how special this land was. They never left these hills and we hope that they will be satisfied to see that they continue to flourish. They taught us the meaning of belonging to a land, that special relationship between a person and his or her land. We returned to our roots being aware that you can come back only if you went away.
Agriturismo I BAGETA
Località Sigola 36 12040 Baldissero d'Alba ( Cn )
 Renato Tel.: 335 1301912

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